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Wholesome, Destructive Entertainment

I’ve had lots of time to let my mind wander these days, which I enjoy immensely. I’m always looking for new ways to entertain myself and or, my faithful companion, my pharaoh hound, Cleo. We’ve grown very close over the last few months, much to both of our delight.

So, early this morning after our walk, I made my smoothie, grabbed a spoon, and went out on the patio to enjoy it. I didn’t need the spoon, so I put it in my pocket. The sun was already very warm here in Arizona, and it was making me sleepy. I decided to lay down before starting whatever the day held in store. After a few minutes, I rolled over and felt something cold under my arm. It was the spoon.

I looked at it and said to Cleo, “I wonder if I can bend this with my mind?” I held the spoon and concentrated on it; pictures of Uri Geller kept popping into my mind. It wouldn’t budge, like concrete. It was a heavy-duty spoon too. I thought surly, there was someone on YouTube willing to share the process?

Indeed, there was! Ariana Bahret. She was a spoon bending genius! And for $29.95, she’d teach me. (You can type her name in on YouTube, or just do the class, which was good.)

It turns out the 75-minute course has a lot more to teach, or remind us of, mostly, patience and letting go of expectations. She taught about 10 different methods, so, I needed 10 pieces of silverware I intended to destroy. Done. I neatly laid them all out. The lessons started. I couldn’t do it. Solid, 100% unyielding to my desires. The metal she explained, needs to be ignored so it has time to soften. In other words, don't focus on it. Have faith that your order was taken.

So, I paused her, went shoe browsing for distraction on Zappos in order to rudely ignore my spoon, while intermittently checking my spoon. I spent 45 minutes on the first 5-minute lesson before giving up and moving onto the next one, and another spoon. Maybe another method would be the ticket for me?

By the end of the course, I had not been able to destroy 1 spoon or fork. I decided to change my air filters. I’m such a dog with a bone though. I ate some lunch. I worked out. I went back to my line of perfect flatware. I picked up a spoon and easily bent the crap out of it! I was amazed and thrilled! I went down the line, some I could bend, others wouldn’t budge. I will leave them to percolate, or perhaps live out their life purpose back in my drawer.

This truly is how the Quantum Universe works. Put in my order, see it, feel it, know it already exists if I am thinking about it. The mind doesn’t know what is real and what is fantasy. Let the Universe do its job. Drop all expectations of how and when it will happen, knowing it already has. I will leave my bent spoons out as a graphic reminder of what we’re all capable of. I'm out of bananas anyway.

Ariana said her best students, of course, were children. The slowest? Healers and energy workers.

Cleo remained wildly unimpressed.

(BTW, 'Invisible Forest, Take the Walk.' Just came out for free on Audible, for a limited time. Let the perfect 'fable' voice of Emma Belle, transport you out of this world for a couple of hours. And couldn't we all use a little break from this world? Use the codes below and just type the book title into the search bar.)



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