Unity Will Only Be Achieved, One Individual at a Time.

The word “Unity” keeps popping up. Here is my take on it. There are no actual sides to take. This is a big, crazy world, we don’t have sides, we have choices. And it doesn’t mean everyone needs to agree on everything to have Unity. Only psychopaths believe that love means, “Your total cooperation.” And there is no shortage of psychopaths running the show.

The powerful Unity I am talking about is of a higher consciousness than processing if we like or dislike what is going on outside of us. The incessant, fear-based programming we are bombarded with each day, is not where we will find Unity. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I don’t find what I’m looking for in one place, I stop looking there, and I look someplace else.

It’s time for the world to look someplace else now. The Unity most of us are looking for, is actually inside each one of us.

Here’s what I am talking about. The feeling when you first fall in love with someone, the world can do no wrong, it sparkles while we are in that state of joy. The world seems kinder when we are feeling good about ourselves. We notice the beauty all around us, and in the people around us, we are present, aware in each moment.

And this works in reverse. The feeling fades. The dark clouds drift back in. The fear and division we are constantly plundered with takes us out of the present moment and puts us right back to worrying about the past and the future. It feels like love has shut the door. When we are filled with thoughts of love, there is no room for thoughts of fear. We feel empowered and uplifted. We lift those around us. We function better as humans.

But there is another, deeper way back to that feeling. Once achieved, it can never be taken away because we are owning it. Our bodies listen and respond to everything our brain says. They are alert, awaiting our instruction. The Matrix is constantly telling us it is worthy of being the instructor, as it vies to hijack our precious present moments, 24/7.

This may sound silly, but when we say the words, “I love you (insert your name here.)” Aloud, or to ourselves, our body will begin to respond magically, just as if someone else had said it. Call yourself out. Keep repeating it. It will quickly move you back to the present moment. That is the power of love. We are all fractals of the Divine. We are love.