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This Alignment of Synchronicities Has Left Me Speechless.

O.K., I know the GIF is a little apocolyptic. But seriously, this chain of events did just about knock me over!

The other morning, Monday or Tuesday, I guess, I was getting ready to walk Cleo. It felt cold and I always leave before the sun rises. I decided to check Accuweather and see if Cleo needed her little fleece vest.

While I was looking at the app, I noticed down on the bottom it had a little news flash section, (I NEVER click on these things!) I clicked on the story, about a rare conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, coming up at sunset on the evening of the Winter Solstice, Monday, December 21st.

It only happens every 20 years, but this will be the brightest it has been since the year 1226. I thought that sounded like something to see! I passed the info on to several people and pondered where I should best view it. It will only be visible for about an hour, directly after sunset, in the Southwestern sky. I decided to plan on pulling my little wagon up to the canal, behind my house, where I can see the entire Phoenix valley and mountains.

So, I kept thinking about it the last few days, wanted to make sure I didn’t forget. Sunset that day is at 5:24 p.m., it will be a clear night, won’t need a telescope, it will be THAT bright!

According to the article, some have said it is the "Star of Bethlehem," and it is what the Magi followed when Jesus was born.

So, this morning I am on my elliptical machine and I open my kindle to read a book I’ve been reading on the Essene's, by Delores Cannon. It’s very interesting. I’m about 70% through the book which has been about Essene culture and teachings. I picked up where I left off, where I was just starting a new chapter.

Well, the entire chapter was on this conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter!!! It was about the Magi, about when Jesus was born and how the “Star” was actually a conjunction of the two planets! About how incredibly bright and moving it was to see it, that it brought the person to tears. (It is a book of channeled material from the time of the Essene's by an Essene teacher.)

WHAT ARE THE ODDS? The book has been on my kindle for months. I have never read about this anywhere in my life, nor have I seen it in the over 400 books I have on my kindle. How could I possibly pick up a book I've been reading for over a week, that never mentions anything about this, and then read in great detail about it?

Yeah, I’m going to check it out on Monday night, I’ve gotten the message! I hope many will see it for themselves. It is supposed to be as bright as the moon. May 2021 bring you many amazing synchronicities! Cheers!

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