The Inspiration of LOVE!

A very close friend asked if I would paint a painting for her daughters upcoming wedding in August. She said her daughter wanted nothing to do with crockpots and china. She'd prefer something handmade.

I asked what she liked. "Does she like butterflies?" "Oh yes, anything about transformation!" I said, "O.K., I got it. I'll do it." So, just finished it. Thought I'd share it and the meaning behind it. (Excuse the bad photo, just a quickie phone pic. I need to set up my other computer, soon, really soon...)

The Meaning:

On August 20, 2021, a waxing moon sets in the West, as it watches two joyful souls engage in a flight of transformation. They have chosen to travel the path to the Light of Knowledge, together. A new day rises in the East to celebrate, as two hearts, two souls, realize the vision to harmonize as One, in the frequency and brilliance of Love. No matter the dark clouds that will naturally ebb and flow throughout their voyage, the darkness will always yield to the Light of God, the Creator, when the souls remember to ask for help, and stay open to the answer from the light. The light will always answer when asked. As the two souls journey further into the Light of a new life, they pass over the peaks of mountains shrouded in mystery, waiting to reveal landscapes within each soul, their experiences to be shared together, each a different story, the destiny the same, the blissful fragrance of Truth, always divine and perfect, when realized. As they embrace the Light as the Source of all their co-creations, rather than the outside world, with its nature of duality and polarity, they know they will always be on the path of Love, Joy and Peace, together. Everything is a blessing when experienced through the Divine eyes of the light within.

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