Sunflowers Respond to Love, or Not.

I just started an online course to 'Increase Psychic and Intuitive Awareness,' from James van Praagh’s, School of Mystical Arts.

The first exercise for extra credit, was to plant 2 seeds. Give loving thoughts and words to one and ignore the other. Much like Dr. Emoto’s experiments.

Well, of course, I had just bought some sunflower seeds for giant sunflowers. They were sitting on my countertop. They just make me smile. So, I took two seeds outside, and of course, I just had my irrigation re-done and had a perfect spot with two drips. Truly feel I am living in flow these days! I planted the one on the left and gushed loving thoughts and words to it. I stuck the one on the right into the dirt about ¼” as directed, and walked away, actually feeling a bit guilty.

I’d send love to the left seed every so often during the day from inside the house. I’d ignore the poor seed on the right. Then I forgot all about them both for a few days as I got busy painting my laundry room.

I went outside to unlock the gate and was pleasantly shocked to see this when I walked by the seeds! Check out the one on the left who got all the loving compared to the one on the right!


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