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Sunflowers Respond to Love, or Not.

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

I just started an online course to 'Increase Psychic and Intuitive Awareness,' from James van Praagh’s, School of Mystical Arts.

The first exercise for extra credit, was to plant 2 seeds. Give loving thoughts and words to one and ignore the other. Much like Dr. Emoto’s experiments.

Well, of course, I had just bought some sunflower seeds for giant sunflowers. They were sitting on my countertop. They just make me smile. So, I took two seeds outside, and of course, I just had my irrigation re-done and had a perfect spot with two drips. Truly feel I am living in flow these days! I planted the one on the left and gushed loving thoughts and words to it. I stuck the one on the right into the dirt about ¼” as directed, and walked away, actually feeling a bit guilty.

I’d send love to the left seed every so often during the day from inside the house. I’d ignore the poor seed on the right. Then I forgot all about them both for a few days as I got busy painting my laundry room.

I went outside to unlock the gate and was pleasantly shocked to see this when I walked by the seeds! Check out the one on the left who got all the loving compared to the one on the right!

Update as of February 1, 2021

The sunflower on the left, that got all the love as a seed while the other was ignored, continues to rocket skyward! Don't ever underestimate the power of LOVE and how its vibration permeates all it is directed towards. I did start giving love to the other one on the right shortly after the first photo, but sensitive little thing, it never caught up.

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