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My Manifestation Game with the Universe

Back in June of 2019, circumstances arose to promote my book and share a booth at an event in Denver, Colorado, put on by COVR and INATS. The Trade Show for Conscious Living.

“The only trade show specifically designed for retailers who carry Metaphysical, Spiritual, Inspiring, Fair Trade, and Magickal (not a typo, a term used to differentiate between performance magic and the occult.) books, music, and gift related products.”

COVR, is the Coalition of Visionary Resources, the trade association for the mind, body, spirit marketplace. I believe they are connected at the wrists and ankles.

Being a marketing mushroom when it came to selling my book, I happily signed up. Selling a book is hard for most people. Selling a spiritual book is harder, for most people. Selling a spiritual book is almost impossible for most introverts.

I had a great time with the women in the booth, none of us had been there before and we didn’t know each other. I bought more from vendors with really cool stuff, than I sold, had a great time, and, decided to become a COVR member. They had a very nice awards event where creators from all over the world attended. It was impressive. It was nice to be in a huge place with like-minded, creative people. The world I imagine…

I had written, ‘Invisible Forest Take the Walk’ specifically, for the event, since the printer of my book, Wildly Human, wouldn’t allow me to make a digital flip book version and retain them for distribution of the paperback. I couldn’t share the booth without a flip book, that’s what the booth promoted. I found the starting pages of Invisible Forest on my computer from a couple of years prior, and had totally forgotten about it. I saw it with new eyes, it made me laugh. Inspired, I wrote.

So, here is where my deal with the Universe comes in. I told the Universe, I’ll write, you market. It was a game. “And, by the way, I won’t be doing Facebook, Instagram or workshops.” I have a meager Twitter account which a PR firm had set up for me, and I use it once in a while, when I post a blog. I don’t enjoy social media, gives me an instant headache, for me, it's the black hole of over stimulation. I'm aware, I’m missing out on some good stuff too- so be it, we all make choices.

For many months, big surprise, nothing happened- even the crickets were quiet. My oracle cards kept telling me to "be patient, the Universe was working behind the scenes."

In mid-January of 2020, I sustained a concussion. Followed by Post-Concussion Syndrome, which continues. I was O.K. with all of it, so much good came of it, I can’t complain, I’m truly grateful. But I was even more, SO not into marketing.

COVR sent an email in February, to enter my book for their June awards contest. The 2020 version of the event I witnessed in 2019. COVID-19 was still a month or so away from the U.S. transformation.

Fatigued, dizzy, wanting the pain in my head to stop, I deleted the email, thinking, “What’s the use, contests are a scammy way to make money.” They sent another email shortly thereafter. I deleted it to the trash folder. Then, I thought, “I’m not helping the Universe very much here.” I decided to consult my oracle deck that has a “Yes,” and a “No” card in it. I was in no mood for cryptic answers.

I asked, “Would it be worth my while to enter the COVR awards contest?” From 44 cards, I pulled the “Yes” card. I’ve committed to always do what the cards say and have never regretted it. I moved the email from the trash folder back to my inbox. “I’m ready to play again.” I told the Universe. I entered. I thought, everybody is on social media, I haven’t got a chance. People who have never read their books will vote for them. But there were judges who would actually read each entry, and that would be 60% of the decision. I truly loved the story, so that excited me!

Then, I thought, “If I am to go all in, I need to put it in my MindMovie. Think, vision boards on steroids. Things need to be stated as if they have already become a part of your reality, and you need to infuse emotion and belief into the event as you view it. Then, you need to detach from how it might happen, that’s the game with the Universe. Here is the Mind Movie shot from my laptop from February. Hey, go for the gold.

That was it. My oracle cards kept telling me to “be patient, rest, take care of yourself.”

On June 6th they held the awards on Facebook Live due to COVID-19. On June 7th, I watched the replay on the COVR site, and nearly fell off my kitchen stool! I thanked the Universe, well played, Divine timing is worth every minute!

It was the kick in the butt I needed. I found a woman to do the audio version of the book, she has a lovely British accent, just as I imagine it being read. I am already brewing another book in my head, the start again, was on my computer and forgotten. That seems to be a good start for me.

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