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Mable and The Balance of Creative Destruction

Science, theoretical history, astrology, spirituality, synchronicity and art, come together in this one piece. I come from a spiritual perspective on the current state of the world. Meet Mable. As I set her in her display spot, that is the name that came to me, quite strongly. I wasn’t even thinking of naming her. I just knew it would be called “The Balance of Creative Destruction.” I started Mable 4 years ago. I had no idea, no plan, other than a vague idea of how to create her from a visual/material standpoint. I wanted her to tell me where we were going to go. I have always created this way. I used to say my art meant “Nothing.” when people asked, because I thought I had to start the piece knowing what I wanted to say, as most artists do. Now that I am older, I see that I create backwards. Intuitively.

I only share this piece as it seems to have great significance in the current state of the world, so much so, it actually shocks me. 4 years ago, I knew it would be called “The Balance of Creative Destruction.” I saw the phrase in a book I was reading at the time, and it jumped out at me. I did not know the path my own life would take as Mable neared completion. The topics that would intrigue me into deeper research along the way, culminating with the completion of Mable, in January, 2020. The seemingly serendipitous choices I would make along the way. The information that would fall onto my radar from nowhere, has helped me to see I am so not in charge!

So, here we go. Stick with me, it might make sense, to some, cause some to ponder, the rest will say I’m crazy. Used to it, no problem. Familiar with the glazed look. I will tie this all together.

We are at a time in history, astrologically, scientifically, as the Universe lines up, as only it knows how, into the eon’s old prediction of our 6th “extinction,” according to pioneer in the field of epigenetics, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

Robert Tulip, succinctly explains what our Earth is experiencing in Academia. His last line, “The Age of Aquarius is bringing a planetary change of paradigm with a comprehensive transformation in human understanding of religion, science, politics and philosophy.” A long, but well researched and worthwhile read for anyone wanting a deeper understanding.

Knowledge gained through higher consciousness rather than a fear-based belief system of reward and punishment through adhering to various dogmatic ideologies and programming. It has happened before. (Perfectly explained by Asur’Ana, Golden Age of Aquarius.) It’s our turn, as a whole, we still don’t get it spiritually, organized or otherwise. I believe, it’s the problem of a belief in lack and separation and what has become the near absence of the perspective of acceptance, ego. Acceptance of what? Other perspectives! And let’s not even get started on all the hatred.

As a world, individually, we are still looking for the peace within, outside of ourselves. We willfully try to force outcomes in this 3D world of polarity and duality, rather than flow with the energy of the eternal present moment, asking, trusting, that we will be guided, and our needs will be met by a force, higher than ourselves. No matter what we do, there always seems to be a negative or darker side to it, once and if, we achieve it. That is our 3D world and always will be. War, greed, envy, judgement, too much power to too few. As individuals we don’t realize how amazing we are, trite as that sounds. We are consumed with self-limiting thoughts. Are we here to work and be consumers, to learn to look and act a certain way as we try to fit an impossibly dull role society has set up, that we don’t even really want? Or, are we here to learn lessons, have experiences, ever changing dynamic perspectives that expand our consciousness about ourselves and each other in this giant sandbox, where we can build castles, or dig holes? Letting go, and change, is part of life. We are being asked to do it on a grand scale now, allowing the mystery to unfold.

Plato’s tantalizing and legendary island of Atlantis did it too, exactly the same thing, why is the story now repeated 2,300 years after his death? Atlantis, he theorized, created a ‘go to’ source of power, rather than ‘going within’ the individual, leading to its demise. National Geographic. No blame, but humanity has not evolved very quickly. The pyramids were not the source of power, it was the individuals who were no longer looking within themselves. It was a populous unwilling to do the work of self-discovery, self-balancing and self-actualization that rendered the pyramids inactive. Humanity’s awakened consciousness was the key to unlocking the information in the pyramids.

We are bodies of water seeking information through higher frequency. When we vibrated to a higher frequency through love of life, our own, each other, our community, the world, the earth, the universe, we unlocked the information the pyramids held, downloads from the Universal Consciousness. Information letting us know, that we are all, individually, part of something much greater than we can ever imagine, and deeply loved. And it’s all connected. We are not separate from the Source from which everything is created. And, we don’t have to be in a pyramid to access it. Meditation will get us there. And sadly, most of us are dehydrated which makes it harder to receive higher frequencies.

The Quantum model of life in time and space, rather than the Newtonian model of matter to matter in space and time. Einstein realized this. Everything we see in the material world was created in the quantum field first. Think of it this way. With intention and the emotions that you already have it, you can shop at the Quantum store, where everything you can imagine already exists, and it will come to you. Or, you can shop at Costco, settle for something you don’t really want and try to figure out how to get it home. The Egyptians got it; they knew where to shop. When will “New Age” no longer be new?

In astronomy, the conjunction of the planetary bodies of Saturn and Pluto, a 34-year-ish cycle, line up to duke it out with the astrological theme of “societal reset.” in the sign of Capricorn. Synodic Astrology. Saturn is the planet of structure. Pluto is the planet of destruction. This is where we are now, as Earth, in an energetic war zone. Environmentally, politically, religiously, culturally, emotionally and scientifically. And now, we are in a worldwide lock down ruled by fear, the opposite of love. We are being told to stay home.

We need to look within to quell our building anxiety as the world of illusion falls, the structures of perceived power collapse, unable to help even themselves. The true power is in play. Isn’t this what everyone has been complaining about?

The sun will come out again. We will eventually look to the goodness in ourselves and one another, rather than the comparison. It is an extinction of the old consciousness of a lack, of low self-worth and insecurity as the labels that separated us deteriorate to reveal, a higher consciousness, truly, we are not separate at all. Our lives can change in an instant, as we are seeing. We are being called upon to realize this. The true power of an exceptional life is within. Getting there is a very messy process.

The concept in spiritual communities of this process that we are witnessing is called “New Earth.” But the knowledge of it’s coming has been around forever, since ancient times, just not always predicting the why and the outcome in the same way. Chaos is necessary for transformation. The balance of creative destruction. It happens in business all the time to promote growth and new directions in the business, when no more can be gleaned from the old way of doing things, and they may even be counter productive.

I knew nothing of “New Earth” 4 years ago when Mable was just a work in progress, albeit, with a title that intrigued me. I only found out about it at the beginning of this year as she neared her completion in the first week of January, 2020. Her ‘fur’ is made from Trader Joe’s paper bags, painstakingly wetted, rolled, dried, flattened and cut to fit. It took a lot of patience. (Trees to paper, to recycled bags, to art- creative destruction.)

She is balancing on 4 balls covered in beer caps and mud. Aside from water, Beer is the oldest drink there is, and a beer recipe was the first written thing ever discovered. I was studying beer and its history 4 years ago. Truly fascinating! I kept the colorful caps because I liked them. The 4 balls represent, what I now understand as, ‘The 4 Pillars of Reality.’ Or, life on 3D Earth, as seen from a 4th Dimensional perspective. Expression, (we think of what we want in life.) Experimentation, (we have an experience trying to create it, no matter how it goes.) Integration, (we decide how to integrate that experience, what we learned from it, our perspective, into our life.) And finally, Transcendence, (we realize we don’t own anything we created.) Thanks to Matias de Stephano and his INITIATION series, on Gaia, for that one. Mind blowing.

I found a bird’s nest a year or so ago, and was struck with how perfect and clean it was. Built like a spec home, never lived in, no poop. Bird nests fascinate me. Never destroyed no matter how bad a storm hits. Unlike say, trailers. I struggled with what to put in it, an egg seemed dull. I thought, over a year ago, Earth. Mable is wet and muddy because it’s very hard to balance on 4 balls! She fell off and had to get up and try again, many, many times. Such is life. We are trying to get our balance right now as well.

As we work through The 4 Pillars of Reality, described above, arriving at a state of non-attachment to the world around us, as it changes in wild fluctuation now, the only balance is when we detach or transcend from it as our source of peace, and go within for that balance. That is the only true balance to be found in life. The nest on her head is pristine, un-muddied, a new earth rests peacefully inside, for us all.

Her ears are blue moving into black at the base. Leading to the universe within, which was intentional from early on. Although, I thought about changing the blue many times to be more aesthetically pleasing. Now, so glad I left it.

My soul knew what it wanted to create 4 years ago, synchronizing the unexpected, sometimes excruciatingly long process to coincide with what is happening now in the world. I am truly the tool of a higher consciousness. As an artist, I can talk the crazy talk, walk the crazy walk, no matter what anyone thinks, and not even be aware of what I am doing for 4 years! Thank God. Endings bring new beginnings. I choose to embrace the chaos with love for the coherence, balance and higher consciousness it will lead to. I look forward to the day when we are all Mable, learning how to balance life on earth.

And yes, many people say Mable looks like a dog, if you happen to be one. That’s fine, I love dogs.

Learn how structured water can boost your immune system and overall health, at this very informative Hydration Foundation Summit. Fascinating interviews! It’s not 8 glasses a day. Be well.

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