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'In Flow.' Mable's Habitat.

This is another piece that named itself before it was created. I had the materials but didn't know how they would go together. That was back in February. I finished it at the end of September. If there ever was a year for "In Flow" to be the message, it has been this one.

Another message I have been getting and it keeps getting, validated from other sources that unexpectedly land in front of me, is about that pesky, knobby little bio-weapon that seems to have its own consciousness. On the run, it morphs itself over and over, you know who I'm talking about. The virus version of Catch Me If You Can.

If ALL is energy and frequency, and ALL is God, and we can't cherry pick what is God and what isn't depending on our personal perspective, because then we would be denying God, then the virus is God too. If that is the case, then our perspective is off. Rather than mass fear and hysteria, what if it is a catalyst for Unity Consciousness?

When groups meditate together they can bring observable change. Well, we have the entire planet focused on this! All have an emotion about it to bring to the table. All have an intention to want their freedom to move about and hug one another again. Those are the prime ingredients in manifestation. What if we all turned off the news and decided to just feel LOVE for the planet, ourselves, each other, life and even the virus for teaching us how to transmute that energy into a better world. Yeah, I know, we'd crush it!

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