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I Can't Believe All I Learned From This!

Noncompliant movie by Krisanne Hall This little movie is so well made and so informative! It was empowering to watch and I will probably watch it again. Everyone I've sent it to was amazed at how brilliantly the information was conveyed. We don't seem to understand that our forefathers were divinely inspired to consider every scenario in which some group would try to manipulate us into giving away our power.

In this time of global implosion it is good to review this foundation so we can rebuild on a solid foundation again. I do believe we will be here to rebuild our world. Experiencing the tyranny is something I never thought I'd see in my lifetime in America. These are interesting times for humanity. I believe we are being called to own our power, to not agree to having our DNA tinkered with by a host of careless Industrial Complexes. And, to ascend to higher consciousness through that very DNA they want to destroy. It is time to unify and stop allowing the powers that be, to manipulate us with fear of one another and division. United we stand, divided we fall didn't become a cliche` because it wasn't true. There's a reason they don't want us to gather, and it's not because they care about our health.

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