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Elongated Skulls, Synchronicities, Everywhere Flowers!

A month or so ago I did something I don’t normally do. I laid a book down that I had not finished. It was on The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, By Drunvalo Melchizedek, the Flower of Life, which now keeps showing up in my life. A pair of earrings I bought a couple of years ago, I now realize, have the Flower of Life pattern in them.

Earrings printed on a 3D computer.

Crystal Singing Bowl with Flower of Life image.

Also a crystal singing bowl I bought in June this year. A woman who gave me an interesting session, "Placed the Flower of Life on the wall of my Vault." (Neelam Minocha, mentioned in the Niagara Falls blog.)

I put the book down because I didn’t like the author’s attitude and, if I recall, he gave himself that name, hmm…, whatever. It seemed too Chicken Little, for my, "It's all good" optimism. It had been written quite a few years prior to 2012, you’ll recall, when the world was supposed to end according to the Mayan Calendar and prophesies.

Well, here we are, right? To the author’s credit, (more or less,) I’ve read many unrelated stories of many unrelated individuals, describing unplanned major life shifts, divorces, things that came into their lives in 2012, that for one reason or another, raised their consciousness to a higher state, created chaos before coherency and left them more open for possibilities other than the expected. So, perhaps, it was a death of an old consciousness for so many, that it was significant in an energetic way, rather than the destructive and fearful apocalypse the media would love to report on. So, I quit reading. A friend from my meditation group encouraged me to keep reading the book.

Reluctantly, I read a couple other books before picking it up again. He was talking about the ancient Egyptians, the elongated skulls and the order of the day to start depicting life as they actually saw it in their art, rather than the stiff symbolic style they had been creating in sculptures and pictures. So, they did. Nefertiti and King Tut had elongated skulls. All those with elongated skulls in ancient Egypt were very tall, with long necks and long tapered arms and legs that formed very skinny limbs. They looked physically different from the rest of the people depicted in the same scene. With all of the still mysterious accomplishments of the ancient Egyptians, his analogy was that they had an uncanny resemblance to the pictures of the large, elongated heads we see so often depicting aliens. All I can muster is, “O.K., interesting.” I put the book down again. I needed a break.

I go on my computer to check my email. Yahoo opens up. On the home page news, is a story about the Ancient Egyptians Elongated Skulls. Seriously????? Mainstream stuff? I click on it. It talks about how as babies it was a status feature to have the still soft skull of the infant, wrapped in a way as to elongate the skull. I think about the Chinese wrapping feet to keep them small and useless as a status feature and the idea seems likely, right up there with the long fingernails.

But then, what about the rest of the ancient Egyptians body that is so tall, elongated as well, and very different from the others? They left that out. I got nothin’ but a question mark.

I’m really not into aliens and it wouldn’t surprise me either way. As we float on this big rock in space, stuck in place by gravity, preoccupied with our personal dramas, and we accept it to the point most of us can dismiss it and seldom think about how mind blowing it is. This finely tuned earth, balanced to support life in incredibly minute ways, that we still don’t fully understand. The fact that if one thing were not balanced, it wouldn’t work, I find more interesting. Anyway…

So, that evening I decide to watch a movie. Netflix’s menu comes on. My eye is caught by the words, “Ancient Aliens.” O.K., here we go again! It’s an interesting series. I watched the entire thing over several evenings, all about the same topic. The Bible, Fallen Angels, the Watchers, ½ animal, ½ human offspring, and then some. The synchronicities in leading me, somewhat reluctantly, to more information on this odd topic are more amazing to me than if aliens help set up shop for us humans, either from outer space or the center of the earth.

I have a theory. If something is brought to my attention, in a short span of time, by 3 unrelated sources, I need to check it out. I will finish the book and probably read his second book, still reluctantly, but curious as to what more is there for me to learn as he is an excellent historian.

Here are some famous and infamous elongated skulls I found online.

Egyptian Queen Nefertiti

Cone Head Skulls: Greater Bone Density

Cone head skulls, also known as elongated skulls, share another fascinating aspect in that they are heavier than human skulls by as much as 60%. This is due to thicker than normal bone thickness and higher density. These skulls are stronger than human skulls, offering increased protection from head-related trauma. The added weight would also account for the naturally occurring increased size of muscles needed to hold the head upright and manipulate it during movement. Mutations do not occur in harmony this way. These coordinated and harmonic bone and muscle alignments point to naturally occurring DNA coding. If these skull shapes were the product of head binding or intentional cranial deformation, the bone thickness would actually be slightly less than normal, since the same amount of bone would be forced to spread out across a larger surface area. These skulls are thicker and denser than human skulls.

Marge Simpson by Matt Groening. People are seldom as they present themselves...

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