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Ascension Symptoms, A Game Changer.

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

The other night, before going to bed, I had a thought and wrote a note to myself, to look up "ascension symptoms" the next day. I was feeling like I had picked up someone else's luggage at the airport. What I was carrying didn't feel like mine. Nothing fit.

What I found in my research was so validating, so affirming and so freeing!

I had no idea that all my little annoying aches and pains of late were trying to tell me something other than, I was getting older. That my uncommonly down and challenging mental state along with ear tones, vivid dreams, the repeat numbers everywhere, anxiety, etc. - was not a backslide into the abyss, but a spiraling energy moving me into another state of consciousness.

Suddenly, as I read through the lists from several sources, everything I thought was wrong became oh so right, as my perspective did an unexpected shift into the light. The struggle stopped, we don't need to do everything perfectly, I don't even need to know what my purpose or mission is! The past dropped away, I was grateful for the maladies that led me to the now magical list. Definitely, a game changer. Some symptoms have been with me for years!

It would be hard to find someone who would disagree, this is not the same world it was just 2 years ago. The changes have been happening for a long time, since the 80's. And when 2012 rolled around and everyone said, (and joked) the world would end, they did not realize it was a more quiet ending, an end to old states of consciousness. Those who had not started to awaken yet said, "Ha-ha, nothing happened."

And that consciousness, has continued to rise as the Earth makes her journey to 5D, the quickening, and New Earth. This Earth, that provides everything that sustains us during our lifetime here, is a mirror of our consciousness and our being, positive and negative. Our brains are coherent with the Schumann Resonance of 7.83 Hz. We are not separate from the Earth and her maladies and struggles. We are moving in the same direction, together, without separation. And, it's messy.

We are awakening as humanity, each in their own time and way. It can make us feel alone when those people, places and things we used to enjoy, leave us feeling disappointed and like we don't fit in. We've changed. Some with intention and eyes wide open, others swept up in the energy of the collective consciousness, and just feeling nothing seems like it used to be. No matter where you fall on the consciousness spectrum, as you go through this list, know that you are not alone and you are deeply loved, exactly where you should be and sharing this wild ride with many, many souls just like you, all over the world. Surrender to it with grace and gratitude, love yourself.

To see if you have ascension symptoms, visit he following list from Elizabeth Peru. She has a great site full of fabulous information and meditations.

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