An Eagle Says What a Father Can't

I have a friend who has just told his very conservative parents and family, that he likes to sometimes dress and go out and about as a woman. He’s a straight man. It was a huge burden to keep this secret from them, and for him to live in shame or fear of losing their love if they found out.

It’s much easier for women to wear men’s clothes one day, and a dress the next. Nobody blinks. Recall what a fashion icon Diane Keaton was, when in Annie Hall she donned men’s trousers, a tie and a man’s vest. I recall having jobs where the only uniform was for me to dress as a guy, bow tie and vest, such as waiting tables, I found it degrading. A long-accepted hypocrisy. His father has not spoken to him since his disclosure a couple of days ago, but did send him this remarkable video.

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