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A week of synchronicity, learning from the Divine, and oh yeah, collapsing time. Niagara Falls, 2019

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

1650 People, Dr. Joe Dispenza Workshop ‘The Sacred Heartist’

(my 4th Advanced since September 2018)

For those unfamiliar with the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, he is a neuroscientist who teaches the science and tools of connecting our consciousness to the Quantum Field through meditation. The week-long Advanced workshops often have over 60 countries represented in attendance. He teaches them all over the world. Most sell out in less than 2 hours. It is total immersion for one week where you get away from re-creating your past everyday as your future, often to the point of serious dis-ease. You are out of your comfort zone. Sitting a little too close to the person next to you. You have to explain scientific Quantum Physics to the person next to you as Dr. Joe lectures on the scientific principles of the field and how it relates to our lives. And, how much it supports who we are being, with unconditional love through our free will, even if we are being a jerk. Author of Becoming Supernatural, The Placebo Effect, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself- How to lose your mind and create a new one. It is hands down, the most fun I’ve ever had in a week, which is why I’ve done four of them in 12 months. I am never the same person afterwards.

I will preface this to say I brought a book with me that I had just begun reading. I found it fascinating as it seemed to be following me in “real time,” as if it was following my exact thoughts as I formed them totally unrelated to what the book was currently talking about, or, it was telling me what was going to happen within the next couple of hours. The book is Waking Up In 5D, by Maureen J. Page St. Germain. I have no recollection how I heard of the book or how it showed up on my Kindle. This is about slowing down enough, being aware and open enough to create each moment of my life as it unfolds.

*I had only learned a few months ago what the Flower of Life was. So, reading the book, first morning of the workshop, it says “wear the Flower of Life somewhere on your body. Or, make a picture of it and lay it on a full body photo of yourself.” So, I think, “I have never really seen (key words) a flower of life anywhere, but I’d like to have one. I’m a little early, coming back from a break. I wander into the gift shop to see if there is anything I’d love to have, and there in front of me the Flower of Life pendant made by a place that also does Tiffany. It took me about 6 seconds to connect the dots as I became more aware, mesmerized by the pendant and not really thinking. Well, of course I bought it.

*I had my usual workshop Wednesday biological upgrade with the sore throat and congestion, just like Spain. The earlier workshops I got it after getting home. In anticipation, I thought to buy non-drowsy allergy pills. Excellent plan.

*It was time for pineal meditation day two. Felt I was in a good, tired, hungry, dopey, happy place and I was excited. Found a seat. The teammate next to me was scheduled for a brain mapping so left her seat. I thought, cool, space. There was a woman on the other side of her already seated. It starts, she’d moved her chair forward because she said she was a shaker. I am too, so no problem, got it, you go girl. So, she starts doing her thing and the more aggressively she’s going at it, her chair develops a squeak.

Ee-e-e-er, e-e-e-er, like rhythmic nails on a chalk board, and she has left the planet, nobody’s home. Oh, and she had decided to do a kundalini style, ecstatic moaning, good for her, not so much me.

So, it’s time to do kaleidoscope, (where we go into trance while enjoying the mesmerizing motion and beauty of a kaleidoscope on the screen.) Some how, she snapped right out of it. After that, we lay down for the 4 hour meditation to activate the pineal gland and maybe have a mystical experience.

I have lovely space around me. I close my eyes and I am immediately seeing pictures, twirling mandala’s, they are not quite focused yet, but I see them coming for me. I give gratitude, truly the magic word, as energy runs up and down caressing me head to toe, never have I gotten here so fast. I become aware of her thumping next to me, it gets quite aggressive as she senses the extra space and starts making snow angels, slapping me repeatedly with her hand. Then she kicks me with her foot sending an unexpected charge up my leg and directly to my heart causing it to vibrate in the most terrifying way! I realize it’s not meant to be and I’m really rattling inside with energy that is not nice.

So, I lay there staring at the ceiling thinking, this is going to be a long 4 hours. Where is my gift in this? It was now a game. “Spirit, why? What do you want me to learn?” I get the message, “Because you are of the higher frequency of love. All energy seeks higher love, no matter how low the energy is. You’re like a magnet to her.” Hmm. I sat with that for a while as she started chanting, “Come on sweetheart, I love you, come on baby.”

I thought, why not do an experiment? I sat up with new enthusiasm. I took hold of her flailing hand and tossed it back onto her, she wasn’t home. Then I slowly moved away from her as far as I could without disturbing the woman to my left. I was astonished to see, as I moved away, she stuck right with me at exactly the same speed at which I pulled away. Interesting as well as creepy. I thought why creepy? I laid back down and asked Spirit. This knowledge did not settle me down, my anxiety was sky high. As I laid there, I thought about something I had just read that didn’t feel true to me.

In the Toronto workshop, I had rid myself of c-PTSD from chronic pathological and narcissistic abuse. I was a dog with a bone on identifying pathological people in two notes. I read they had a radar for traumatized people, they find them yummy. It was represented as a sort of superpower. OK, God gives everyone survival tools, but something was wrong. If they were, in the author’s words, “deep as Formica,” How could they have that insight, not having an amygdala that contained the capacity for love, empathy and compassion. True blissful love to them means,’ your cooperation.’

Then, I put it together. A lower energy seeks higher love, we are all looking for the path home through our challenges, even if we are not conscious of that fact in our analytical mind. Once we find that love, we’re home, we want nothing more than more of that. All paths lead home and all energy seeks higher love until it realizes it has become One with that. I thought, what about a table? I believe everything deteriorates either through perception of value, or physically, except God’s love, which expands. It’s the only thing that’s real. Perhaps the deterioration is part of that energy seeking a higher frequency as well, if all has consciousness. A blade of grass, a tree, all seeks a higher love. There is no separation, as everything originates from Source, or Love.

Magically, the meditation ended and I was hard pressed to stop shaking. Several team members came up to me and complained of low back pain and somehow thought I had the answer. I tried my theory out and told them the experiment. They all thought it made perfect sense to them as lots of energy was being released during the meditation, lots of screaming, which was great. They were also happy to feel they were in touch with that much love for themselves to be the 'higher love' of that dance.

It also fits with the polarity and duality of the 3D world, the source from which it is being released, created from the perceptions and low frequency, limiting beliefs about the self, as all of it is frequency carrying energy. Interesting take away to ponder.

After that meditation, I meet a woman at my breakfast table who says to use the chant, “Kodoish, kodoish, kodoish, adonai sabbayoth. Meaning; Holy holy holy, lord, host. I'm not much for chants. A day later, THE BOOK, says, to get her CD and while I have not clicked on it yet, the words, Kodosh, Kodosh, are visible. Never heard it before.

*Time for Walking Meditation 6, at sunset, around the wonderous falls. During these powerful meditations you feel you are leading the Trojan Army into battle with your limiting beliefs. Starts out great, perfect temp, a site to behold in that tiny town for which we now hold the record for the highest event turnout in their 127-year history. The Mayor declared September 16th, Dr. Joe Dispenza Day.

Near the end of the meditation, I stop and close my eyes, surrounded by my tribe. I open my eyes, nobody around. I am notorious for being born without a gyroscope. It’s getting darker. I am delirious from the blissful meditation, I don’t care where I’m going, it’s fun! So, I am all pumped and happy, and realize I’ve been walking a long time. I start to think that I may not be in Kansas anymore. I don’t see the hotel. I don’t see anyone with a lanyard from the workshop. When I started looking around, I see a sign that says WELCOME TO CANADA. I guess I had crossed one too many rivers. I get very, very lost and end up in the midst of tour buses with many people from India disembarking. I turn to see on the left a Sheraton with a tall casino across the street. Whew, my hotel, how many of those are there? Turns out two. Both at least 2 to 3 miles away, from me and each other. Hmm. I ask why? WTF?

I start walking and after a little bit, I come face to face with a beautiful, huge statue of Nicola Tesla. I wait for the tourists to climb off of it so I can take a photo. I recall a reading I had from a very gifted woman, Neelam Minocha, in London. She told me Nicola Tesla wanted to work with me to write a thesis on frequency. So, for kicks, I have been researching it. Drinking structured water, much to my improved health and reading and learning about frequency. That morning at breakfast a man was telling me there was a statue of Nicola Tesla. Of course, I had no idea where it was. So, that was a gift. After many wrong turns and my inability to even read the google map and go the right way, I got back to the hotel at 9:30 p.m.. I went into Rainforest Cafe, had a glass of wine, a flatbread, and thought, even though my feet hurt, that was pretty cool.

*My friend and I go into the TGI Friday’s, and they are really busy and we don’t get any service. I say, “I’ll go see if I can get someone to find our waiter.” I start to slide out of the booth and see a waitress is at the table behind me. I ask if she’s our waitress. “No, but I’ll go find your waiter.” I look at my friend and say, “All my needs are met.”

*I am in my room. I don’t want the maids in there, but I want more bottled water. I decide to go find some. I open my door and the maid cart is right in front of it, I grab 4 bottles and say “Thank you,” to nobody visible. Again, all my needs are met.

*I am in my room, early morning, and I look at my phone to see where my team is sitting. I then get the notion to look where my friend’s team is sitting which I had not done all week. I wondered what made me do that, she was a big girl, traveled all over the world, she’d be OK. We walk to the event building together and as we wait for it to open, she turns to me and asks if I still have my phone on. I say no, what do you need. She says, I need to see where I’m sitting. I say, I already checked, you’re in the far corner. She looks at me shocked and says, “Of course you did.” She’s been with me all week.

*I run into a guy who was on my team and we’d had dinner together at the workshop in Spain. His mother, unbeknownst to him, was studying Dr. Joe and had purchased the workshop for Niagara. So, he says, "I want you to meet my mom." So, we chat, she’s super nice. I later in the week run into him and I say, “How is your mom enjoying the week?” “He says, she’s getting really frustrated, she wants to have a mystical experience.” I sympathized, and the day ends.

I am laying in bed, not thinking about anything in particular. I get a clear message, “When you have expectations, you leave no room for the Divine to come in and give you a mystical experience.” I pondered that, and said, who’s that for? “His mom.” was the reply. “O.K.," I say, "I really like that, and she’ll get it.” So, on break the next morning, he’s standing right in front of me when I exit the building, and I walk up to him and say, “I have a message for your mom.” He gives me a blank stare. I repeat the message to him, which he immediately got and his faced relaxed into a somewhat bewildered smile. He says, “Why don’t you go tell her, she’s standing right there.” She was about 6 feet away. “Hi Mom, I have a message for you.” She says, “Hey girl. What?” I tell her the message. Her entire face released into a smile, and she says, “Now that I can totally understand! Thank you!”

*Still rattling from the morning’s ecstatic, pineal meditation, I needed some space around me, so I sat in the back of the room next to a glaring blue light structure which was great, but not for 10 inches away in my lower peripheral vision. More rattling. I decide to tie my down jacket around the surrounding metal structure so it would still shine up for the nice effect, but block it from my eyes. I become engaged in conversation with the two people in front of me and we all leave together.

I’m packing that night and don’t see my down jacket. Strange. I think, ah, tied it to the light. I’ll just leave it rather than get dressed and go back downstairs. Then, I think how much I love the color, a nice teal. I decide to make the effort and go to the desk. She says, “It would be in lost and found and that’s closed.” I say, “I leave at 4 a.m.” I think, this can’t be. Another woman says, “All that stuff was moved to the back room here.” The first woman asks what color it is. “Teal.” I say. She’s gone a long time. I close my eyes and think about how great I will feel as she emerges with my beautiful teal parka. A few seconds later, she emerges with my beautiful teal parka. She asks, “Does this look like it?” I said, “You’re my hero! Thank you!”

*On the flight back to Phoenix, I’m reading THE BOOK. She talks about collapsing time. I say, “I want to play.” Just then, the flight attendant approaches with the cart asking if I want something to drink. I say, “No thank you, but can you tell me please, how long until we land?” “One hour, 45 minutes.” He says. I close my eyes. I see my future self at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, standing in front of the baggage carousel waiting for my bag. I’m feeling it. I’m conscious and aware. All of a sudden there is no noise. No plane engine, chatter, zip, ABSOLUTE DEAD SILENT, the hugest silence I have never heard, if that makes sense. Then I notice there is NO MOVEMENT whatsoever. The gentle bumpy motion of the plane is absent. I have a sensation of thumping compression all through my body. I think, “Whoa.” Then, the sound of the plane returns. The entire experiment seemed like it took 5-10 minutes. As I open my eyes, the pilot comes over the speaker, “We will be landing at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport in less than 30 minutes, it’s 78 degrees and raining. Please make sure you have all your belongings, and the seatbelt sign is on.”

I had the most unfamiliar feeling running through my body, like I was being pulled by pressure waves running from my head to my feet, pushing me down into my seat. They were about the speed of a gently lapping seashore. They continued as I walked to Baggage Claim. I, for some reason, decide to circle the carousel as I wait for the bags to come up. I stop in an area near where the bags emerge onto the belt. I see a bag come up and I decide to see if I can guess what number bag mine will be. I have several failed attempts and ask Spirit what I am missing. Then I realize I am standing exactly in the pose and location in my future self-image from the plane experiment. I have my tote bag on the floor between my feet as I stand there with my arms folded. I say “Thank you!” putting my hand over my mouth.

No longer surprised by anything, I check in with Super Shuttle. I always get a shared ride because it is inevitably more interesting. It’s a 20-minute or so drive, but with shared rides it can take an hour and a half since I’m last, in east Mesa. But today, I was exhausted, dehydrated from a week of not drinking much water, not wanting to pee during lectures or meditations, and I’m starving, and still nursing my Dispenza Influenza. (A term for the flu-like biological upgrade many participants experience.) I just wanted to be home. So, eyes open, I saw my future self, riding alone on the shuttle. She arrives. I get on, it’s empty. She says, “Let me just make sure, do you mind if we take one more loop around to make sure there is nobody else?” I say, “Go for it.” I was curious. No other riders got on.

Take away? I have no needs as they are already met in the field. If I slow down enough to watch my life unfold before my eyes and actually choose what will happen in the pending moment, yet remain open to how it will happen, I see quite remarkably how I do create my future in the moment, which is apparently quite flexible, holy cow.

*We did the Walking 4 Meditation early in the week, and on that morning, I was really irritated. It's an earlier version of the Walking Meditation series. I’m never irritated, I thought, what is going on? So, nothing I threw against the wall stuck, and I asked God to clue me in please. I think about last week when I told a friend who was complaining his meditation that he used to love was irritating him. I told him it was time to change it up. Just then, Dr. Joe in heavy reverb, booms “MASTER YOUR PAST!” And in my head, I boom back, “I HAVE!” And the irritation vanished. I realized I’d come to a fork in the road in my addiction to the knowledge, people I can actually talk to, love, get and give real hugs, teach and learn from, all topped off with a luscious oxytocin spray-down. I now need the UNKNOWN.

I am a firm believer in always asking, “Is there more?” Thank you for that Dr. Joe and for being a Supernatural Force of Nature who is humbly, lovingly, passionately and generously teaching the tools to the populous by infinite leaps and bounds. You are showing the world what Jesus didn’t have the technology or data to prove. Yeah, all he could do was show us, naked eye stuff. Everything truly is backwards, like a projected image, imagine that, hmmm…

This work is not just for people who need healing. Its longevity is in how dang much fun you’re gonna have for the rest of your future here on earth. Once you have the tools, you make it what you want. Moment by moment. Therein lies the joy in life, for the Divine has an excellent sense of humor. Who wouldn’t want to spend every moment in laughter, joy and wonder? Every soul, no matter the role, can do this, but the consistent work must be integrated into us.

Step One, fall madly in love with yourself.

Step Two, love and forgive everybody in your life starting with yourself.

Step Three, drop ALL expectations and stay loose and open.

Step Four, follow your heart and intuition.

The rest is easy. Just clear space for it. This sounds simple and trite. It will be the most difficult thing you’ve ever done. And, the most rewarding. The more consistent you are with meditations and keeping your frequency up, the better you feel, the prettier the world and life looks.

It's the morning of the 24th of September. I finally decide to make my coffee after a meditation for a friend who is having surgery that day. I get out my chocolate and my unopened creamer that was there when I left for the workshop over a week ago. I look at the date on it, 9/14/19. I think, “I don’t want to go to the store. 10 days past due date is a lot of time. So, it’s all energy, why can’t I collapse the future and the present and the past into a simultaneously occurring 10/14/19 expiration date since all time exists NOW? Why not try?”

So, I close my eyes, I put my hands towards the still unopened creamer. I feel the energy in my palms, in my mind, my future self is drinking my coffee on the couch, the date is 10/14/19 on my creamer. I get the wave through my body, the heavy slow wave that only moves down from my head, anchoring me to the floor, just like on the plane. I do that, hold that intention for about 5 minutes. I open the creamer, it smells perfect. I pour some in my coffee cup, give it another sniff, perfect. I add the chocolate, espresso and go sit on the couch feeling like things are really going to change now. The ‘Now’ truly, is where life happens. I took my focus off the creamer. Later in the day I went to the store, bought creamer. Gave the old one a sniff as I put the new creamer in the refrigerator. Ugh! Like 10 day past expiration creamer!

As an aside, I lost my voice immediately after a meditation early in the week. I realized this morning in my mind movie, (a little video you create on that is akin to a 3 a.m. infomercial that is so enchanting, you feel compelled to possess whatever they are selling. Quite effective.) where I had used the Sacred Heartist workshop logo, I had the words, “I co-create for my highest good by keeping my heart open and my mouth shut.” If I can’t talk, there is no reason to open my mouth, right?

If it might be true that we start our next life with the consciousness we exited the old one with, shouldn’t we try to go with a happy heart? Science has perhaps, somewhat grudgingly, proved our consciousness lives on after we die. Even people who have NDE’s are not excused from doing the work to understand the nature of reality. There is no one path, there is every path. The path of Dr. Joe’s is the rocket fuel path. With gratitude in my heart, I’m ready for lift off.

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