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4 Products And 1 Habit that Worked For Me In 2019

People often tell me I seem happy and peaceful, and inevitably ask me for suggestions about what they might try to achieve a happier state of mind. It’s a game everyone can play in some form. I am blessed with the luxury and freedom to try new things as they land on my radar. I am always looking for a new perspective that can cause positive personal transformation. A truth seeker who likes to share a good thing when I find it. 2019 was a bonanza with these 4 experiences in particular. I’m truly excited to fire off these finds, so they can blip, blip, on your radar too.

1. Dr. Joe Dispenza, advanced, week-long retreats. He’s a neuroscientist who teaches the tools of science and frequency, to connect to the quantum field through meditation, and invite it into our waking life. The tools of transformation, be it mental or physical healing, presented in a scientific and exciting, absolutely fun, sometimes emotional, nothing less than mind-blowing way. I was ready to lose what no longer worked in my life, this worked for me. Workshops all over the world fill with astounding speed, most within an hour of registration opening online. There’s a reason. If you’d like more information, check him out here.

2. Structured Water. This YouTube video gives Dr. Emoto's research.

We are beings of mostly, water. Science proves, water has memory and frequency. Why on earth would I not want to drink water that has been exposed to the frequencies of precious gems, and restructured within 10 minutes, into individual crystals that are gorgeous under a microscope?

The geometry that occurs in the water restructuring is the sacred geometry of the universe, the potential of that information found in every cell in my body. The products are breathtakingly beautiful, like liquid jewelry for my cells. Environmental toxins in city water are neutralized, the taste is delicious and I noticed the magic in me, at a higher, hydrated frequency, in just a few weeks, maybe 2 or 3, from the water alone. My body is using the water. My dogs digestive issues are gone. I drink more water than I’ve ever drank, I love it, and TMI, but, I pee less. I’m so impressed, I’m converting my whole house to a structured water system. I can hear my desert worthy yard plants thanking me right now. For more information and science on this, check out, The Wellness Center.

3. Safe Relationships Magazine. Not my 1st foray onto this site and into the book, Women Who Love Psychopaths, 3rd Edition, updated this year. I’ve read over 80 books on this topic, because I needed to understand it. While all of the books provided some kind of enlightenment, this book is the A-Z bible, in my humble opinion. It’s my ‘go to’ even now, when a new person in my life, male or female, starts to trigger this sometimes illusive, multi-faceted, all too common, profile. While it says it’s for women, it’s for men trying to recover from this type of abusive relationship as well. What I liked, was that not only is it the most well-researched book on the topic, but it includes certain ‘super traits’ that people who attract these types, possess. I find the navigation through new social interactions, much easier with this information in my head. I’d recommend it to anyone struggling to free themselves from any stage of pathological abuse, either from childhood, adult partners and in business. Truly, they cross all humanity in all forms of socioeconomic existence. If you’d like more information, go to, Sandra L. Brown, MA, CEO, deserves a medal for this work.

4. Meditation. It changed my life. Find what works for you. Monkey mind is the biggest issue most have with starting a meditation practice. I found, binaural beats to be extremely effective in throwing a bucket of water on the chatter. – Kelly Howell, has the most lovely, soothing voice I’ve ever heard, and I’ve been meditating for over 12 years. She also offers subliminal, ocean wave meditations, if your mental roommate is argumentative. My favorites are the Secret Universal Mind meditations. But, literally, there is one for whatever someone wants to achieve. And reasonably priced. Of course, for a rocket fuel meditation practice, see above. are very comfortable headphones to wear while sleeping and listening to meditations. Try a search for binaural beat meditations and see what resonates with you.

That’s it. May 2020 be the year you greet your future self, one morning in the bathroom mirror.

For the love of change,


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