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This past week I’ve been seeing 111 or 11:11, repeatedly, all over the place! So much so that it truly got my attention. I wake up from a dead sleep and it’s 11:11 or 1:11. I am on my elliptical machine and glance at the calories burned monitor, 111. On my stationary bike, calories, 111. I feel really warm, I check Accuweather on my phone, temperature is 109 but RealFeel is 111. My fuel gauge on my car it says I have 111 miles left on that tank of gas. On my Kindle, I glance at the page number, you guessed it, 111. I read the news and a story catches my eye. “Man, 33, released from hospital after 111 days.” (Never mind that 33 is a very significant master number as well!)

I finally decided to look it up, I needed to find out what those 1’s are all about. Here’s what I found.

“It’s the Universe getting my attention to direct me on my destined path.” Says, Willow Soul, a website. There are multiple meanings to 111’s, but to trust that I am being guided. (This site has all the numbers, so if you are seeing multiple numbers these days, check it out, see if it fits your situation.)

· 1 is the number for new beginnings. Also, opportunities that help let the past go and make room for new experiences.

· 111 is telling me I’m ready for a soul friendship or twin flame connection. One that will support me further on my journey.

· I’m attracting everything that matches my energetic vibration. In other words, I’m manifesting whatever I want so, I’d better pay close attention to my thoughts and feelings! As the above graphic says, URGENT MESSAGE!

· A message to embrace what makes me authentic and different. Awaken now and follow my passion!

· I’m ready to break away from the crowd. (Ha! Truly effortless these days.)

O.K., I like all of this. I try to stay present and conscious of the thoughts and feelings streaming through me. I try to keep them from going off road, mountain climbing and hang gliding. Mastering our thoughts is one of the most challenging things in this awakening process. Bring it on Universe, I’m ready! It will be a real test to see how things manifest in a highly sequestered environment. And, for a hermit.

I’ve found it much easier to be present and aware since the world has slowed down and honestly, personally, I’ve never been more content. I don’t have to get everything done yesterday. I pace myself now, and it all still gets done. I’m not going back to the ‘busy,’ ever.

There is a whole magical world that exists, sandwiched between taking time to be present in whatever mundane thing you are doing, and BUSY. It’s a world at peace with itself. Unlike the insanity in our outside world. Busy, has become very unattractive to me. Have a 1derful day!

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