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Christina Barnes, author of 'Wildly Human: Quirky and Empowering Stories' and 'Invisible Forest: Take the Walk.', is an author and artist who has worked as a muralist, greeting card writer/artist, graphic designer, business broker ( I know, it doesn't fit,) and has enjoyed  researching the mysteries of life while dabbling in a myriad of artistic and creative fields.

"I write sometimes amusing, sometimes irreverent, and sometimes emotional short fables for a modern world. They are based on Quantum Physics, Spirituality, Inspiration and Psychology. The concepts are understandable on a deep level due to the style in which they are presented. Everything can show consciousness in order to impart information. Allegory has always been a memorable way to share meaningful ideas as we learn what we are here to know. Don't let the lighthearted appearance fool you into thinking these are books for children. They are for those who may find themselves scratching their heads about society and wondering why they are here in this remarkable 3D world we live in."


As a free-spirit, she embraces curiosity combined with the gullibility of a 5-year-old, a fearless sense of adventure and openness to  new experiences. All while embodying a creative, healing and intuitive approach to life. She hopes sharing from all the time she has spent daydreaming and learning can help others find a different perspective to their own lives.

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