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Free for a limited time on Audible! Let Emma Belle transport you to another world for a couple of hours as she reads to you, with the perfect "Fable" voice!
Click here for USA or UK codes.
(Just type Invisible Forest, Take the Walk into the search box to get your code.)

INVISIBLE FOREST is the 2020 Gold Winner for Best Visionary Fiction of the

COVR Visionary Awards!


Thank You Coalition of Visionary Resources!

Imagination runs wild in nineteen short stories designed to hit a nerve, a funny bone, and finally the heart.

Christina Barnes Fables is based in Arizona. Invisible Forest, Take the Walk, and Wildly Human, Quirky and Empowering Stories, are modern day fables that illustrate how to see life from different and unexpected perspectives. A shift in consciousness is a change in perspective, nothing more than a thought. A thought that can change your entire life.
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